SimCity (SNES 1991) Game Genie Codes

We recently reposted cheats to SimCity for SNES. It got me thinking that there must be some user-discovered or supplemental codes for SimCity SNES that weren't in the original code book. There sure are. I recommend the "Unlimited money" and "Faster time" codes.

DD67-DFAA - Faster time
DE67-DFAA - Slower time
86AB-6D02 + D8AB-6D62 - Start easy game with $3,000
0DA8-6D02 + BAAB-6D62 - Start easy game with $40,000
1DAB-6D02 + 3CAB-6D62 - Start easy game with $60,000
C28A-AD61 - Money usually does not decrease
E28A-AD61 - Unlimited money